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Logo Brain ProductsBrain Products GmbH revolutionized the EEG / ERP analysis industry with the introduction in 1997 of the BrainVision Analyzer professional software. Later the company also produced successful EEG / ERP amplifiers that made it a leader in neurophysiology research.

Consistent with the vision of the two founders, Alexander Svojanovsky and Henning Nordholz, the company continues to focus on Neuroscience by providing versatile products and solutions, thus supporting the work of researchers in over 1000 universities and research institutes.

In addition to the wide product portfolio, the strength of Brain Products also lies in the vast international network of distributors, in the investment in research projects in collaboration with universities, but above all it is thanks to the collaboration with its customers and experts in the sector that introduced innovative products to the market.

For a more detailed description of our products, please go to the following section: https://brainproducts-asia.com/eeg/