EEG & Brain Stimulation

EEG & Brain Stimulation SolutionsLatest generation active electrode technology

  • Robust and durable electrodes compatible with all brain stimulation techniques
  • Slim profile and re-routable cables for flexible close coil positioning
  • High signal-to-noise ratio for each channel
  • Attenuated noise and movement artifacts

State of the art EEG recordings

  • Up to 100 kHz sampling rate
  • Return to baseline in < 0.8 ms after artifact
  • Real-time data access in < 1 ms
  • Modular for high-density recordings

End-to-end software solutions

Flexibility and integration

  • Combine with LSL for ultra-fast closed-loop experiments
  • Accurate and fast electrode localization with CapTrak
  • Extend our EEG solutions with fMRI, fNIRS, eye-tracking and extra physiological recordings
  • Integrated with all major manufacturers of brain stimulation hardware


Do you have questions regarding the combination of EEG and Brain Stimulation?
Please feel free to contact us for questions related to recommended combinations of EEG & BrainStim systems, available recording & analysis software, and pricing of equipment. We are here to assist you!