EEG & fMRI SolutionsEEG-fMRI Hardware

  • BrainAmp MR and BrainAmp MR plus EEG amplifiers can be placed directly in the scanner bore
  • Shortest cables, lowest variability, best data quality
  • Record data fully synchronized to the scanner clock
  • Simultaneous and continuous fMRI recordings with EEG, ECG, GSR, EMG, respiration and acceleration sensors
  • Fibre optic connection, easy setup, no alterations to the scanner room
  • Combination with the BrainCap MR assures safety, comfort and ease of use

Data Processing

  • Real-time analysis with BrainVision RecView
  • Gradient artifact correction
  • Cardioballistic artifact correction
  • Basic and advanced EEG online analysis
  • Gold standard offline analysis with BrainVision Analyzer 2
  • Gradient and cardioballistic correction
  • EEG signal processing
  • Convenient, intuitive and fast

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