Ismael Gaxiola

Ismael Gaxiola-ValdezHello everybody,

This is Ismael Gaxiola and your main contact person at Brain Products Asia.

Before taking over Brain Products Asia, Ismael worked as a Scientific Consultant in the Sales Team at Brain Products GmbH (headquarters in Germany). Among other responsibilities, he was involved in helping with direct sales activities as well as supporting Brain Products’ certified distributors worldwide meeting their needs.

Scientific Background

  • Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
    → Master thesis: “Resolving the Discrepancy between BOLD and CBF fMRI to Reliably Investigate Resting-State Functional Connections“
  • Research Associate at the Seaman Family MR Centre – Foothills Hospital (in Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
    → Working in the lab of Dr. Paolo Federico (Epilepsy Research) conducting studies and analyzing EEG and fMRI data. Additionally, he helped with the design, coordination and supervision of various EEG and fMRI studies.